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  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ)

What is BJJ
BJJ is one of the most effective fighting sports in the world. It includes takedowns and a very big and advanced system of positions, escapes and submissions on the ground. You train and compete in a special uniform (BJJ-gi).

Everybody can train in BJJ, young, old, women, men, children. The training is very good as you train your strength, cardio and flexibility at the same time. BJJ is also a “hard working sport?where you learn the lessons of hard work, discipline, mental toughness and humility.

BJJ has made a revolution in the world of different fighting sports. Everybody who competes in mixed martial arts (MMA) train BJJ-techniques.

BBJJ is very effective to learn to handle a real situation in self-defence. For women is it very important to know how to handle a self-defence situation on the ground. With BJJ you get much practice in that.

You can train for some or all of these reasons: exercise, competition, self-defence, personal development.

History of BJJ
Probably jiu-jitsu started to develop in India, even if some signs tells us that wrestling moves was spread to India from Greece and Egypt. Then these wrestling moves spread trough China, to Japan, to Brazil.

In Brazil the fighting system developed to a different style. It was the Gracie family who made this new style of jiu-jitsu. They improved some moves, take away some and incorporated some new moves. The focus was what worked in fighting with full speed and power. Later BJJ has developed even more, and continues to develop.

History of BJJ in Nässj?Grappling Center
After many years of training and competing in other fighting sports, did Bill Johansson and Hans Lind started up BJJ at autumn 2004. From January 2005 it was official along with Submission Wrestling and controlled MMA as a complement.

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